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Demon Slayer Tanjiro Sword Type 2 DSS0611


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The blade of Tanjiro¡¯s sword is a sacred demon slayer. It¡¯s a sword that can slay a demon. It¡¯s a sword that is meant to be used. Tanjiro lives and trains to kill giant demons that often terrorize his serene village.

* This sword is made of full tang carbon steel with a wood handle.?

* If you are looking for a different type of Tanjiro Sword, please go to this link.




  • Brand Name:?The Anime Supply
  • Regional Feature:?JAPAN
  • Blade material:?Carbon steel
  • Sheath material:?Hardwood
  • Occasion:?Home Decoration/Ornament/Cosplay?


Q1. What is the material of the sword?

A1. It’s made of carbon steel. Unlike an ordinary katana made of wood, plastic, or PU, this product boasts high-quality material and was created by a skilled craftsman.?That’s why it’s relatively expensive.


Q2. Is it durable?

A2. Yes, it is very durable.